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The Pros And Cons Of PPR Water Pipes And How To Choose Them

The Pros And Cons Of PPR Water Pipes And How To Choose Them

      Today, PPR water pipes have become almost the only choice for home improvement pipes because of their many advantages. In the process of water and electricity installation, whether you are decorating yourself or hiring a decoration company, you cannot take the water pipe purchase lightly. If you accidentally buy a low-quality water pipe, there will be many problems.
  • The main hazards of poor quality PPR water pipes are:
    Water pipes are easily ruptured. The installation of water pipes is a concealed project. Once the water leaks, it will have a great impact on the entire house; moreover, in the maintenance, finding the leaking point will also bring great damage and many unnecessary losses. It will also pollute the water. Due to the lack of awareness of the importance of the quality of water pipes, consumers think that it is better to use some cheap water pipes. However, the quality of many inferior water pipes does not meet the standard, and there are generally problems such as excessive heavy metals. Once heavy metal poisoning is caused, the consequences will be very serious.  
IFAN PPR Pipe and fittings
Green PPR Pipe and fittings

Inferior water pipes are harmful, so how do avoid buying them?

  • You can judge the pros and cons of the product from the following aspects:
     1.There is complete coding information on the body of the regular PPR water pipe. This information mainly includes the model, size, production time, implementation standard, origin, etc. of the pipe, and the handwriting is relatively clear;
     2.Judging by the light transmittance of the water pipe, if the light transmittance is basically zero, then it is a genuine product. Consumers touch the water pipe with their hands to feel the smoothness of the water pipe. The feel of the genuine water pipe is soft and waxy, while the counterfeit water pipe is only smoother;
     3.According to the model of the water pipe, go to the official website of the corresponding brand to check whether the water pipe is genuine. Many brands of water pipes have anti-counterfeiting marks on them, and you can check whether they are genuine through the anti-counterfeiting marks;
     You can request to provide the quality inspection report of the product (it can be an electronic version), to see whether the quality inspection is qualified, but also to see whether the testing agency is authoritative;
     4.Take a water pipe and light it. When the inferior PPR pipe burns, it will emit a pungent and unpleasant odor, and it will also be accompanied by black smoke, while the good PPR pipe will not produce pungent odor when burning. The colloid that melts when burning is also white and free of impurities. When burning, there will be small bubbles on the combustion surface, and the smaller the bubbles, the better the quality;If you have doubts about the after-sales service commitment, you can call the official after-sales service of the product manufacturer, and the phone number can be found on the official website.
ppr pipe
PPR pipe

IFAN PPR pipe is made of high-quality raw materials, which will not produce an irritating taste when hot-melting, and fully burns, leaving only carbon dioxide and water, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, strong corrosion resistance of the pipe, no chemical resistance to all ions and chemicals in drinking water It can ensure the quality of pipelines from the source and ensure the health of drinking water for users. Regarding how to choose PPR pipes for home improvement and how to identify the quality of PPR pipes, the above is only the most basic part, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. After that, IFAN will also share more knowledge on the purchase of PPR pipes and fittings, welcome to pay attention.

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