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Bathroom Decoration Lightning Protection Tips

Bathroom Decoration Lightning Protection Tips

The bathroom, together with the bedroom, is called the “Gemini” in the home and is an essential part of life. The frequency of use is high, and the space is relatively small. If there is a problem with the decoration, causing a lot of inconveniences, life will be “bad” along with it. How can we fight this “bathroom defense war”? Understand the common sense of bathroom decoration lightning protection, IFAN will give you advice.


Do A Good Job Of Waterproofing

For sunken toilets, first, clean the base layer to ensure that the ground is dry and level. Focus on brushing and waterproofing at the pipe wall, the foot of the wall, and the yin and yang corners; then backfill with carbon slag or ceramsite; then find the slope and level the cement mortar in the backfill layer. Finally, do the membrane waterproofing or coating on the leveling layer. After the waterproof construction is completed, all sewers in the bathroom should be blocked and a water injection test should be carried out. Check after 24 hours. If there is no leakage on the surrounding walls and ground of the bathroom, the waterproof quality of the bathroom is very good. Finally, paste the wall and floor tiles and joints.


Wet And Dry Separation Work

Bathroom cabinet and floor separated
The lower edge of the bath cabinet should be off the ground because there will inevitably be water in the bathroom. If the bath cabinet is separated from the ground, not only can the floor be cleaned without leaving dead ends, but also there is no need to worry about the bath cabinet getting wet. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Separate inside and outside
The waterproofing outside the cabinet is done, and the moistureproofing inside the cabinet cannot be ignored either. The workmanship of the bathroom cabinet must be meticulous and the seams must be closely matched. There are many ways to design the cabinet door and the drawer: such as attaching the cabinet door with an adsorption switch such as a magnet and using an automatic return type tension spring for the drawer to ensure that moisture is not porous. enter.

Anti-slip and moisture-proof in a dry area
The so-called dry and wet separation is only relative, so the dry area must also pay attention to moisture-proof and anti-skid treatment.


The Reasonable Setting Of The Ribbon

Washing And Makeup Area

The face-washing area generally surrounds the face and mouth. All kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes, facial cleansers and skin care products, shower gels, razors, spare towels, etc. all take up a lot of space. If the bathroom space is relatively large, separate storage can be designed. cabinet. If the bathroom is relatively small, you can choose a vanity cabinet with enough storage space.

Toilet Area

In the toilet area, a socket must be reserved in advance to facilitate the possibility of installing a smart toilet later. It is not recommended to design a wall-mounted toilet. Although the wall-mounted toilet is hung on the wall, it seems to save space, but the cost is very expensive, and it is not easy to install the toilet seat in the later stage.

Shower Area

If you are unwilling to make a decent shower room and want to achieve the separation of dry and wet, the most convenient way is to install a shower curtain. The shower area must be fitted with a water barrier.

Hanging Area

Especially in winter, when I take a shower every time I take a shower, I have to take off under the wind-heated Yuba, but I don’t know where to put the pile of clothes I just took off. It is very troublesome to take out the used towel every time to dry it and then take it back to use it again. Therefore, the towel rack in the bathroom is best with a heating function.

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