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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of PE Pipes

Analysis Of The Characteristics Of PE Pipes

PE pipe has become the preferred pipe material for replacing steel with plastic in the pipeline field of the municipal water supply industry. What are the advantages? Here’s IFAN to tell you.

Polyethylene pipes overcome the shortcomings of galvanized pipes and cast iron pipes, which are easy to rust, scale, breed bacteria, and have a short service life. The process is more suitable for directly buried and buried pipelines, which effectively solves the leakage problem of joints.

Analysis of the characteristics of PE pipes

Excellent physical properties

Polyethylene pipes can not only maintain the rigidity and strength of high-density polyethylene, but also have good flexibility and creep resistance, and high-density polyethylene has good hot-melt connection performance, which is conducive to the installation of plastic pipes.

Anti-corrosion, no scaling

Polyethylene water supply pipe is a kind of polymer material with a non-polar structure, which has the advantages of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no rust, no scaling, no aging, no growth of microorganisms, no odor, etc. It is an ideal water supply pipe.

good toughness, flexibility

Polyethylene pipe is a kind of high-toughness pipe, which has strong adaptability to the uneven settlement, dislocation, and deformation of the pipe foundation. Practices at home and abroad have proved that PE pipe is the pipe with the best seismic performance.

Large circulation, economical

The inner wall of the polyethylene pipe is smooth and free of scale. Compared with metal pipes, PE pipes can reduce engineering investment by about one-third, and can coil small-diameter pipes to further reduce engineering costs.

Easy to connect

The connection is convenient, the construction is simple, and the methods are various. The PE pipe body is light in weight, easy to carry, easy to weld, and has few welded joints. When the pipeline is long, the coil can be used for laying. The requirements of PE pipe trenches are much lower than those of steel pipe trenches. And in the case of limited construction conditions, electrofusion welding can be used.


The weight of PE pipe is only one-tenth of that of steel pipe, which greatly reduces the construction strength of workers and reduces the cost of mechanical hoisting.

Long life and easy recycling

Polyethylene pipes have a service life of up to 50 years, are easy to recycle, do not produce any substances that have an impact on the environment, and the technology is becoming more mature and developing.

Strong adaptability to ground changes

Polyethylene pipe is a kind of high-toughness pipe, its elongation at break is generally above 50%, it has strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipeline base, and has good resistance to foundation settlement and end load.

easy to maintain

Easy to maintain, can stop water, gas maintenance, and installation. Easy to maintain, can be maintained and installed without water and gas.

Has good stress crack resistance

Polyethylene pipes have low incision sensitivity, outstanding environmental stress resistance, and good low-temperature impact resistance.

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