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Why PPH Pipes are a Great Choice for Water Applications

Why PPH Pipes are a Great Choice for Water Applications

PPH pipe (homopolypropylene pipe) is a kind of polymer with an average amount of polypropylene and a low melting rate. After modification, the crystal structure is fine and it has excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, and good creep resistance. Has excellent impact resistance.


PPH pipelines are used to transport chemical process cooling water and corrosion-resistant media and are also widely used in steel mills (pickling, acid regeneration, acid mist), flue gas desulfurization, ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, and other pipeline systems. PPH pipe has a long heat-resistant service life. The temperature of PPH pipe fittings for long-term use is 90 °C. And the short-term use temperature can reach 120 °C. When using it, you need to operate it correctly according to the product instructions.

IFAN PPH pipelines can be widely used in water supply, heating, and heating engineering. And even as the preferred pipeline for transporting some specific liquids, which has obvious advantages . And characteristics compared with traditional pipelines. The IFAN below will take you understand it.

PPH pipes not only have the above advantages but also have the characteristics of lightweight and high strength. The pipe density of polypropylene PPH metal pipes is only 1/.the toughness is good, and it is resistant to punching. PPH pipe production has low energy consumption and low thermal conductivity.

The PPH pipe is composed of propylene monomers and a small number of ethylene monomers, which are randomly distributed into the long chain of propylene by the aggregation of ethylene monomers under heating, compression, and catalyst. The irregularity of ethylene increases the crystallization and melting point of the polymer, changing the impact of the material, long hydrostatic pressure, long thermal oxygen aging, and pipe processing.


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