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What Kinds Of Water Pipes Can Be Used As Pure Water Pipes?

What Kinds Of Water Pipes Can Be Used As Pure Water Pipes?

The improvement in living standards has prompted contemporary families to pay more and more attention to the quality of drinking water. More and more people have realized that drinking water will produce secondary pollution during the transportation process. Among them, drinking water stays in the pipeline for a long time, and unsuitable or even poor-quality pipelines become one of the common sources of pollution.

Today, IFAN will take you to know which types of water pipes are more suitable for pure water pipes. This is our Instagram Website: www.instagram.com.

IFAN PPR single-layer pipe

PRR single-layer pipe is currently the mainstream material for domestic water supply pipes, and it is also the first choice for most household waterway decorations. The advantage of PP-R pipe is that the connection process is convenient, and its interface can adopt hot-melt technology so that the complete fusion between the pipe and the pipe fitting can be easily realized. The most important thing is that the PP-R home improvement pipe can have a service life of 50 years at a temperature of 70°C. Pure PP-R raw materials only contain two chemical elements, carbon and hydrogen, and after full combustion, only carbon dioxide and water will be released, which will not cause harm to the human body.

IFAN PPR multilayer pipe

At present, many pipe brands have launched PPR multi-layer pipes, generally two or three layers, and the colors are also varied. PPR pipe multi-layer pipe is processed by multi-layer co-extrusion technology. The multi-layer material can be completely extruded into one body. It is very firm, will not delaminate, and has very good light insulation performance. It is not afraid of being exposed to the sun, and the pipe is not easy to age. , can ensure a long service life of the pipe.

There is also a special PPR multi-layer pipe, which is represented by Pakcon pure pipe. The inner layer of this pipe is a colorless PPR pipe, which is produced from pure raw materials, without additives, naturally without precipitation, and is healthier. The green protective outer layer can effectively resist UV rays. In addition to retaining the product advantages of single-layer PP-R pipes, home improvement pure pipes have been significantly upgraded in terms of temperature and pressure resistance, which can not only improve the safety factor of concealed pipes in family houses but also improve the health of family water The index can meet the multiple protection needs of high-end home improvement users.

ppr pipe
PPR pipe

PB tube

PB pipe is a kind of plastic water pipe with very superior performance. It is called “soft gold in plastic”, and it has been “favored” by the home improvement market in recent years. PB pipes have better anti-ultraviolet and anti-microbial intrusion capabilities, and can better protect the water quality stored in the pipes. And it has good frost resistance and heat resistance. It can be used normally under the temperature condition of -20°C to 110°C. It also has the characteristics of a smooth pipe wall and no scaling. At present, the more recognized PB pipe manufacturer in Shandong Province is Paikang Pipe Industry.

Stainless steel pipe

In addition to plastic water pipes, there are also pipes suitable for drinking water pipes in metal water pipes. Among them, stainless steel pipes are more widely used. Stainless steel pipe has strong corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties, superior wear resistance, and high tensile strength.

However, due to the high price of stainless steel pipes, they are usually only used in high-end residences, and rarely enter our “ordinary people’s homes”.

Metal composite pipe

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe and steel-plastic composite pipe, as a kind of pipe that combines the advantages of pure metal pipe and pure plastic pipe, can be used as indoor water supply pipes. However, metal composite pipes, like copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, are relatively expensive, and the hot-melt connection process is more complicated. If the pipes and fittings are not well connected, it is easy to leak later.

With the development of science and technology, various plastic pipes, composite pipes, copper pipes, and stainless steel pipes have entered the market, and there are nearly 20 types of water supply pipes. However, only green pipes are healthy pipes that will not cause harm to the human body. The safety of the above pipes has been certified over time, and they can all be used as drinking water pipes.


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