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How to distinguish the quality of PPR pipes?

How to distinguish the quality of PPR pipes?

How to distinguish whether the water pipe is good or bad? There is a very popular saying – “Smash it with a hammer, the one that doesn’t crack is good, and the one that cracks is poor quality.” Of course, we can’t really use a hammer to distinguish it. Today, IFAN will show you about PPR. How to identify the quality of the tube.

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In addition to looking for trusted brand products, the following points can be used for reference:

Look at the pipes

The inner and outer surfaces of the IFANPP-R pipe should be smooth, smooth, and free of surface defects such as depressions and air bubbles to ensure that the water flow is unobstructed and free from fouling.

Using a hot-melting machine to compare the smell and smoke generated during the hot-melting process is also an effective method to test the quality of water pipes.

The IFAN PPR tube melts into a liquid and is still clean and smells very light; if you smell a pungent odor or smoke, you can basically conclude that the material is impure and that it is likely adulterated with toxic and harmful substances of recycled plastic.

Watch the fittings

In addition to ensuring product quality, IFAN PPR pipes should also pay special attention to details. Consumers can pay attention to whether the elbow is designed with a large arc to reduce the formation of a water hammer, whether there is a 45-degree chamfer design to promote welding, and whether there is a dovetail groove structure to ensure the sealing performance.

IFAN reminds everyone that water hygiene and safety is a major events in everyday life. Don’t be tempted to buy inferior PP-R pipes cheaply, which will add many hidden dangers and troubles to our lives.


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