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How to Connect PVC Pipes?

How to Connect PVC Pipes?

The construction of the PVC drainage system is socket and socket installation, and special adhesive needs to be applied during installation. Some consumers think that U-PVC adhesive can only stick to PVC drainage pipes. In fact, this adhesive can also stick to PPR pipes and PE pipes. , PERT pipe, and other plastic pipe products. Of course, under normal construction conditions, PPR pipes, PE pipes, and PERT pipes should be welded by hot melt or electrofusion, and the adhesive is only used occasionally in the production process. Five-layer co-extruded pipe composed of adhesive layers.

After Understanding the Function of U-PVC Adhesive, Let’s Take a Look at Its Use Method:

  • Use sandpaper to roughen and clean the parts that need to be bonded;
  • After the adhesive is evenly applied to the bonding part, it is immediately socketed and stable for a while. Do not move the bonded part within 15 minutes, and the hydrostatic test can be carried out within 24 hours;
  • The best gap of the bonding part is 0.2-0.4mm;
  • Open flames are strictly prohibited on the construction site, and ventilation should be paid attention to;

IFAN Pipe Industry reminds us that the general validity period of U-PVC adhesive is one year. Although the adhesive after the validity period can be used, the bonding effect will be reduced over time. It is recommended to purchase and install the PVC drainage pipe system. Use the adhesive within the expiry date.

How to Pull Out the Sticky PVC Pipe?

We all know that PVC pipes are a must-have product for household building materials. Now the question comes, do you know how to pull out the sticking PVC pipe? Which adhesive is more suitable for PVC water pipes? If you are interested, please contact IFAN to find out.

How to Pull Out the Glued PVC Pipe?

Direct Sawing

This method will inevitably destroy one of the pipe fittings. First, it is sawed along the tee mouth, and then the pipe fittings that are glued together are dug out in the tee mouth so that it will not be damaged if it can be used twice. But it is difficult to say whether the other sewer pipe can be reused.

Use the Physical Properties of Thermal Expansion and Contraction

As we all know, as long as the glue is heated, its viscosity will weaken, so it is better to pour boiling water on the joint of the two pipes for a few minutes, and then pull out the joint. Although this method consumes a lot of hot water, the only benefit is that it will not damage the two pipe joints, and at the same time will not affect the secondary use.

Use a Hair Dryer

In addition, there is also a good way to blow it with a hair dryer, but the effect may not be as good as hot water, so this method is for reference only.

Utilize a Professional Approach

The operation method is very simple. After brushing the PVC glue on the inner wall of the pipe, set it on fire for about ten seconds, and then quickly pry it out with a screwdriver. The two pipe fittings are easy to separate, and the pipe fittings can be reused.

Solve with Brute Force

Tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and needle nose pliers should be prepared in advance. However, it is easy to damage the pipe fittings during operation, which cannot meet the requirements of secondary utilization at all. Therefore, new PVC pipes must be prepared in advance.

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