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Features And Uses of PVC Pipes

Features And Uses of PVC Pipes

PVC plastic pipes are widely used for wire and cable protection because of their lightweight, convenient construction, and high-cost perFeatures and uses of PVC performance. But what are the main uses of the pipes? IFAN takes everyone to understand together. This is our Facebook Website:www.facebook.com,Follow IFAN to learn more.

Advantages of PVC pipes:

1. Strong compression resistance and aging resistance.

Using high-quality improved PVC engineering plastics for one-time extrusion, high compressive strength, no need for foundation or encapsulation under normal conditions, anti-settling, can replace steel pipes to cross the road safely, flame retardant (good self-extinguishing property from fire), corrosion resistance, aging resistance, The service life is more than 50 years.

2. Structural innovation saves pipe space.

The pipe structure is compact, and the road excavation is small, only 10% of the cement pipe position, which effectively saves urban underground pipe resources and has little impact on road traffic and municipal administration.

3. Good toughness and free bending.

A section of a 6-meter pipe has a bending chord height of more than 1.2 meters, which can be easily avoided when encountering obstacles or crossing other pipelines during construction.

UPVC Pipe Fittings
UPVC Pipe Fittings

4. Convenient construction, saving labor and time.

The sheath and the sub-pipe are integrated, and the cable can be threaded without the need for a second sub-pipe to be laid once, avoiding the deformation and kink of the secondary sub-pipe, the confusion of the arrangement, and the trouble of repeated construction; lightweight, easy to carry; the inner wall is smooth, and the threading is labor-saving; The use of grid pipes and honeycomb pipes shortens the construction period by nearly 1/2 compared with the use of PE/corrugated pipes and shortens the construction period by nearly 3/5 compared with the use of cement steel pipes.

5. High utilization rate and low comprehensive cost.

The sheath and the sub-pipe are integrated, the effective space of the inner hole is large, and it can be connected after being cut off, saving material consumption and engineering investment. It saves nearly 20% of the cost compared to using PE/corrugated and can replace steel pipes, saving about 50% of the investment.

Main uses of PVC pipes:

PVC plastic pipes are convenient for the penetration, isolation, and protection of wires and cables. The products have obvious advantages such as improving work efficiency, saving costs, convenient installation, safe, and reliability. It is widely used in basic projects such as household wires, optical fiber communications, cable television, cable multimedia transmission, etc. It is a new and practical supporting product for photoelectric communication facilities.


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