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Difference Between PVC And PE Pipes?

Difference Between PVC And PE Pipes?

How much do you know about the application of PVC-U pipes and PE pipes in municipal water supply and drainage projects? What are their characteristics?

U-PVC pipe

Polyvinyl chloride rigid pipe is a U-PVC pipe, which can be divided into double-layer corrugated pipe, reinforced pipe, flat-wall pipe, and steel-plastic composite winding pipe according to the pipe wall structure. When the U-PVC pipe is used as a drainage pipe, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the drainage pipe is higher than that in the concrete drainage pipe, and the PVC pipe has good odor-sealing performance.

When U-PVC is used as a drainage pipe, its production energy consumption only accounts for 20% of the cast iron drainage pipe of the same diameter. It has low cost, aging resistance, good thermal insulation effect, and long service life, so it is widely used in municipal drainage. The U-PVC pipe is relatively brittle and cannot withstand external pressure, so when the pressure requirement is high, a reinforced pipe or a steel-plastic composite winding pipe is used, which has good compressive performance. Based on the various advantages of U-PVC pipe, it is widely used in municipal drainage and rainwater pipes, and it is convenient for construction and installation.

PE pipe

PE pipe is polyethylene pipe, mainly including double-wall corrugated pipe, winding structure wall pipe, steel-plastic composite winding pipe, and steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe.

Double-wall corrugated pipes are usually connected with sockets or double sockets and sealed with rubber rings. In addition to the connection method of double-wall corrugated pipe, the wall pipe of the winding structure can often be connected by welding, and can also be connected by clamps, Huffs, flanges, etc.

Polyethylene pipes are divided into three types: low density, medium density, and high density. High-density polyethylene pipes are widely used in the field of municipal water supply and drainage. Its impact resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, Penetration are the lowest. The quick-crack resistance is obviously better than that of U-PVC, and the thermal insulation performance is good, so it is widely used in municipal water supply, drainage, and rainwater treatment. Especially used in municipal water supply systems, it has the advantages of high-pressure resistance, small head loss, and less water leakage.

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